Libyan Thoracic society

The Libyan Thoracic Society (LTS) is a scientific professional association concerned with chest diseases in all its branches. It is a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Authority for Scientific Research. The association is currently based in (Abu-Setta Thoracic Diseases and Surgery Hospital).


Abu-Setta Thoracic Diseases and Surgery Hospital, Tripoli, Libya.

Phone number




Bank account

Jumhouria bank - Tajoura branch
030 - 207 - 3117

Our vision

That everyone enjoys a high standard of respiratory health.

Our Mission

Progress in chest diseases in our society to raise the standards of health in general.

  • – Adhere to the highest standards of medical ethical values.
  • – Science, knowledge and clinical experience are not the preserve of an individual or group of individuals.
  • – Justice in activities between regions of Libya.
  • – Work with high scientific standards, international guidelines and “evidence-based medicine”.
  • – Everyone has the right to participate in the various activities of the association.
  • – Cooperation between specialists in one nation to achieve a unified vision.
  • – Cooperation with everyone who shares our vision, including individuals, companies and institutions.

our goals

The long-term goal of the association is for everyone to enjoy the highest levels of respiratory health and the lowest rates of infection and deaths resulting from respiratory diseases, by working on the following central goals:

Scientific Research

Encouraging high-quality scientific research at the local level, to contribute to building medical knowledge about chest diseases in our society.
- Cooperating with scientific and research institutions in designing, facilitating, conducting, completing and disseminating quality local chest disease research.
- Work to raise the status of scientific research in state institutions, and highlight the importance of chest diseases at the highest official levels.
- Seeking to develop a department to provide local research grants to individuals and institutions, in order to enhance funding for local chest disease research.
- Aiming to create a scientific electronic journal dealing with chest diseases.

Patient care

- Providing the highest standards of medical services for chest diseases at all levels of primary and specialized health care centers.
- A thoracic patient receives the best health service (diagnostic, therapeutic, medication, endoscopy, or thoracic surgery) according to the latest scientific research and international clinical guidelines.
- Increase the level of health awareness and health education, especially with regard to chest diseases.
- Supervising the issuance of publications regarding chest diseases.
- Working to apply the principle of equitable distribution of medical services in all regions of Libya.
- Providing patient services with high efficiency, taking into account that they are cost-effective.
- Work on the continuous availability of medicines and supplies in required quantities and items, and In legitimate ways.
- Working on the continuous availability of modern, costly and specialized medicines and treatments for chest patients.
- Work to support the establishment of patient associations.


- Holding scientific events and activities in various fields of chest diseases and throughout the country.
- Encouraging and supporting continuing medical education, in order for the doctor to keep a continuous scientific knowledge.
- Encouraging the provision of the highest standards of healthcare for chest patients.
- Establishing paid training courses in chest specialist areas, targeting all interested professionals.
- Representing Libya in international forums and conferences concerning the field of speciality.
- Encouraging members to attend local, regional and international conferences.
- The participation of the competent authorities in developing training curricula and evaluation standards for chest specialties, whether for undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
- Work to establish a renewed series of clinical guidelines for various cases of chest diseases, to unify the reference and raise standards for chest diseases.
- Raising awareness and health knowledge of the chest disease patient, his family and friends.

Cooperation and partnership

- Partnership with educational and training institutions to raise the efficiency of doctors and allied medical professionals, by supervising the development of university educational curricula and participating in developing training programs for chest specialties.
- Cooperating with health service institutions (medical centers, general and specialized hospitals, primary health care institutions, etc.) to provide consultations, establish educational activities and clinical guidelines.
- Encouraging scientific research and quality improvement projects by facilitating communication between researchers (individuals and institutions) inside and outside the association.
- Partnership with supporting and funding bodies (private and public) to sponsor scientific activities.
- Continuous communication with the Ministry of Health to raise the attension to chest diseases.
- Seek strong representation in the medical supply system to ensure adequate and permanent availability of standard medicines.
- Work to renew the old lists of chest medicine and supplies.
- Cooperating with the various parties to raise the importance of modern chest disease medicines, devices and equipment that are not on the old lists, and providing them in Libya.